The Home Screen

The mobile app Home screen lists all orders in your queue.

Using options at the top of the Home screen, you can perform these actions:

● Tap Refresh to connect to the PPW servers and get all work orders, job notes, and PCR forms.

● Tap the screen name, Work Orders, to scroll to the top of the screen.

● Tap the Settings icon to change some app settings, switch users, or log out.

● Tap Profile to see your user information.

● Tap Trash to see a screen with all work orders that have been deleted or removed from your queue.

● Use the Filter field to find orders containing specific text. You can filter by address, city, check-in type, work type, and more.

● Use the Sort option to change the order of records displayed. This option is set to Date Due by default. Tap the button to change the sort field. Tap the button again and choose the same field to sort by ascending or descending order.

Work orders listed on the Home screen include this information:

● Due date

● Start date

● Work order number or PPW number

● Address

● Work type

● Mobile check in

● Sync status

● Photo counts

Some information is not displayed if it is not available or does not pertain to the work order.

NOTE: If a work order start date is greater than the current date, the order cannot be worked on. You cannot check in, take photos, complete forms, or sync data.