The Invoice Screen

The invoice screen is where you create the invoice for the work order.

Based on how PPW is setup and the access your account has been given this screen may or may not have all options shown in this manual. The Invoice screen will show all items on the invoice, the discount, totals, and notes.

Adding An Item To The Invoice

  1. On the Invoice screen, tap ‘Add Item’. The Add Item screen is displayed.

  2. Select an Item/Description from the drop-down menu. If the item cannot be located, select Other at the bottom of the list. When Other is selected, a text box is displayed, so you can manually type a description for the item.

  3. Enter a Quantity.

  4. If a preset item is selected, the Price is automatically included. If an item is manually entered, you must manually enter the price.

  5. The Total is calculated based on the quantity and price.

  6. The Flat Fee option may be available based on how PPW is setup. If Flat Fee is selected, the discount percentage will not be subtracted from the total.

  7. Tap the ‘Save’ button.

Edit An Item On The Invoice

Tap on an existing item on the Invoice screen to edit the item. Modify the information and tap the ‘Save’ button.

Delete An Item On The Invoice

Tap and hold anywhere on the invoice item information. A message will pop up asking you if you want to delete the item. Click ‘OK’ to delete the item.

Invoice Discounts

The discount for the invoice is shown below the items on the invoice. The discount may not be editable based on how PPW is setup. The discount is saved as it is entered. No save button is required to be tapped.

Invoice Comments

Comments can be added to an invoice using the Notes field. Comments are saved as they are typed. No save button is required to be tapped.