Admin - Users

A User is created for any individual that will require access to your PPW system.

User Setup

1. Go To Admin->Users

2. To add a new user, click the “Add User” button. This will open a new screen which contains the following sections:

a. User Information

b. Message Alert Options

c. Sub-Contracting Company Associations

d. Misc. Settings

3. Enter User Information:

4. Set the appropriate message/alert options:

a. We recommend setting up these base email options and allow the user to add/remove others:

i. Notes

ii. New WOs

iii. Follow Up

5. Utilize these fields, if applicable:

a. Contractor Score

i. Used to store a score calculated based on your specific contractor SLAs

b. Insurance Expire

i. Place a date here if you would like to receive alerts when insurance is about to expire.

c. ABC # Used to store a contractor’s ABC #, if applicable

Field Definitions

First Name: The First name of the contractor, this will appear on the website.

Last Name: The Last name of the contractor, this will appear on the website.

Company Name: The company name of the contractor, can be used in combination with the admin setting to display company name rather than first and last name.

Login Name: This is the login name that the contractor will use to login.

Password: This is the password that the contractor will use to login.

Generate Password: This auto generates a random password into the password field.

Email New Password: A check box that allows a newly created password to be emailed to the email associated with the account (Only enter when adding a new account or to change password of existing account.)

Email: The email associated with the account, this is the email the user will receive all email notifications as well as their password resets.

Group: This assigns the contractor to a group from your existing groups that grant their permissions.

Show In List: These two boxes allow the user to show in either the contractor drop down to assign work, or the admin drop down.

Active: This allows you to make a user active. Inactive users are unable to login to PPW.

Display all Work Orders: This grants the user the ability to see all work orders in your system even if they are not assigned to the work order.

View All WO History: Allows the user to view all of the access history for the work orders they are viewing.

Discount Percentage: Sets the users individual discount percentage.

Time Zone: Sets the users time zone.

Skip on Auto-Assign: This will allow the user to be skipped if they are set up to receive work via auto assign.

End User's Legal Name: This section is for record keeping of the user.

● Legal First Name:

● Legal Last Name:

● Cell Phone:

● Address:

● City:

● State:

● Zip:

Copy account name to legal name: This pulls over the users first and last name from the above section as their first and last legal name.

Comments/Notes: Allows the addition of comments and/or notes to be entered in regard to the user.