PCR Form

The Property Condition Report (PCR) is basically a questionnaire which can be created in the system.

There are several standard PCR forms available from which to choose. Questions can also be added to the standard PCR forms. Adding to or creating a PCR form provides the Admin the ability to make rules such as: which WOs they apply to, or which clients, etc. If the Admin makes this a required form, the contractor will not be able to submit their work until they have filled out the required PCR Form.

To access the form simply left click on the appropriate form, if the contractor has a smartphone or tablet, they can fill out the form at the property. If the contractor is going to be in an area without known internet access at the work site, they can print a PDF version and take it with them.

Add A PCR Form Manually

  1. Click the ‘Add PCR Form’ button which will bring up a drop-down menu that will display all of the PCR forms in your system.

  2. To add a PCR form, simply select the form from the list, choose whether or not to make the form required and then click the ‘Save’ button, this PCR form will now be added to this work order.

  3. The ‘Re-Calculate PCR Forms’ button will allow you to recalculate your PCR forms. What this means is that if you have created a new PCR form and have added filters to that PCR form in the Admin section, you would then click the ‘Re-Calculate PCR Forms’ button and the PCR form will automatically be added to this order.

Form Name

To fill out the Form from the web simply click on the 'Form Name' and a new tab will open allowing you to fill out the form. To answer the question, simply select or type in the answer and the form will automatically save that answer, there is no save button to press as the system saves the form as you answer questions.

If the photo requirement has not been met, you will see an error message below the question.

Form Overview

After the form is filled out you can close the window where you answered the questions and then to review the form, you can click on the ‘Form Overview’ and this will allow you to do a few things.

From the Form Overview page, you will be able to:

  1. Review the answers to the form.

  2. Edit the Form, which will take you to where you can answer the questions.

  3. Print a PDF version of the form.

  4. Print an Excel version of the form.

  5. Print a CSV version of the form.

  6. Print a JPG version of the form.

You cannot answer the questions directly on this page.

Going back to the main portion of the PCR Form page you will also be able to toggle whether or not this form is required, if the form is required, the order will not be able to be made Ready for Office until all of the questions are answered. You will also be able to see the last user that saved the PCR form along with the date and time it was saved.