Actions Button

The actions button will allow you to modify, delete, cancel and export work orders.

There are four types of actions you can perform on the home page:

● Status change

● Modify order

● Import/export

● Miscellaneous.

● The actions button will be gray and unavailable until a work order is selected. You can select a work order on the home screen by checking the box left of it. This will give you the option to modify the order using the actions button.

Status Change

The status change options allow you to modify the status of a work order. You will be able to mark the order complete, assign and unassign contractors, send it to field, mark orders ready for office or acknowledge the order:

a. Acknowledge - This will change the order from an unread status to let others know you are aware of the order

b. Mark Ready for Office - This will allow you to mark orders ready for office one by one or in mass.

c. Mark Complete - With this action you will be able to close orders by marking them complete.

d. Assign Contractor - With this action you can select multiple orders and assign contractors to those orders.

e. Send to Field - This will allow you to send work orders to field when you’re ready for the contractor to perform the work as well as send the order to the mobile app. This action will not apply if the setting to (Automatically send new Work Orders to the assigned Contractor. If not checked then new Work Orders will only show in the contractor’s queue if Ready for Field is marked) is enabled.

f. Un-Assign Contractor - This will allow you to un-assign or reassign any contractor that is assigned to a work order.

Modify Order

The modify order actions will allow you to make changes and edit the work order from the home page:

a. Assign Admin - This action will allow you to assign an admin to oversee your work order.

b. Set Work Type- This action allows you to set your work types. For example, you will set a work order as a grass cut or winterization depending on the type of work the contractor will be performing.

c. Set Client Company - This action will allow you to select or change the client company to the work order.

d. Set Investor - This is a PPW premium package feature that will allow you to select or change the investor for your work order property.

e. Change Due Date - This will allow you to change the due date of your work orders.

f. Set Start Date - This action allows you to change and set a date you want your work orders to be started.

g. Set Client Due Date - This allows you to set and change the client due date. This can be used if there is an error or change in the client due date.

h. Update Recurring Work order - This setting is used for any work orders you have set to recur in PPW. It allows you to make updates to recurring orders such as changing how often they recur and the cutoff date.

i. Set Estimated Complete Date - This allow you to set an Estimated complete date for when you expect the order to be completed.

j. Add Job Note - This allows you to create both property notes and job notes from the home page.

k. Add Work Detail - This allows you to add a work detail to the work order item details in the general info section of your work orders.

l. Set Category- This allow you to move or set your work orders to categories you have created.

m. Set Background Check Provider - This allow you to set or change the background check provider for your work orders. All work orders require you to check in when using the mobile app. If the Background Check Provider is set to blank it will require a PPW check-in that will allow you to just press the check in button. The Aspen Grove solutions option will require the contractor to have an active and valid ABC number as well as the completion of the Aspen Grove checklist. The Servicelink requirement will require the contractor to have If your client requires a valid and active ABC number as well as the completion of the Servicelink checklist. Please note that some clients require a specific check-in. PPW will not be responsible for any fees are penalties as a results of the background check provider being changed.

n. Re-Calculate PCR’s - This feature will allow you to recalculate your PCR forms. For example, if you have created a new PCR form that is filtered to enter work orders that have already been created or imported this will add the PCR form.

o. Cancel Work order - This will allow you to cancel work orders in PPW. This will change the status of the work order and will only show the order if the closed filter is selected.

p. Delete work orders - This will allow you to delete work orders from the home page. To delete multiple orders, you must first have the group permission enabled. Please note that if you delete the order there will be no way for you to recover the order on your end. If you contact PPW support, we will be able to restore the order for you.

q. Set Invoice Complete- This will allow you to mark the invoice for work orders complete.

r. Alter Invoice- This is a PPW Premium package feature that allows you to alter invoice of work orders from the Home Screen.


a. Print WO form - This feature will allow you to view a PDF print out of your work orders

b. Print Client Invoice - This will to view a PDF print out of the client invoice you can send to your clients

c. Export to Excel - With this feature you will be able to print an excel spreadsheet of the orders you select on the home page. The columns will be determined by the columns you currently have selected on your home page.

d. Download Photos - This will allow you download photos from your work orders.

e. Send Results - Used to send results back to client via import/export.

f. Send Results by Email - Used to email a PDF package of results to the client for one or multiple orders.


a. Route - This feature will create a route for your work orders when working on multiple properties is required. Check the boxes for the work orders you wish to create a route for, once this is done you will click this option from the actions menu. You will then get a popup displaying a start and end address as well as all the addresses for the work orders you selected. Now click and drag the work order addresses to the order you desire using the 3 dots to the left of the work order address. Once the addresses are in the desired order you can click the create route button at the bottom of the popup window and it will pull the directions for the route. Once this is complete you can also use the print button to print the directions. Simply close out of the popup window to leave the route.