Columns Button

The columns button will allow you to select and display what columns you want on the Home screen.

By dragging one of the columns from the Inactive section to the Active section will place that column on the home screen in the order selected. For example, if you select the column ‘work order’ then ‘address’ and ‘zip code’ the orders will display in that order on the home page.

Column Header Options:

  • Status

  • WO#

  • Date Due

  • Date Received

  • Client

  • Customer

  • Loan#

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Contractor

  • Admin

  • Work Type

  • Photos

  • Icons

  • Status Sub

  • FN Sync

  • FN Photos

  • WorldAPP Crew

  • PPW #

  • Date Created

  • Ready for Office

  • Client Date Due

  • Complete Date

  • Estimated Complete Date

  • Cancel Date

  • Start Date

  • Loan Type

  • Mortgagor

  • County

  • Lot Size

    Lock Code

  • Category

  • Invoice #

  • Invoice Date

  • Item Details

  • Client Invoice Payment

  • Client Invoice Total

  • Client paid

  • Cont. Invoice Payment

  • Cont Invoice Total

  • Cont Invoice Paid

  • Last Cut Date

  • Next Date

  • BC Provider

  • Mobile Check In

  • Import ID

  • Property Frozen

  • Conveyance Date

  • First Time Vacant

  • Routing Date

  • Deed Recorded Date

  • Property Lock Code

There are 3 columns that are permanently on the home page and those are:

Job Notes

When you hover over the job notes icon, it will display the job notes and property notes for this order:


When you hover over the map icon, it will display the location of the address on an order:


When you hover over the clock icon, it will display the past orders for this address: